05 Sep 2017

[Gachapon Update 060917] Liquid Metal Chaos

Dear Maplers,

This week, the Gachapon Machines have been loaded with the following items:

Liquid Metal Heart
Chaos Scrolls (60%, 70%)
Chaos Scrolls of Goodness (20%, 30%, 50%)
Miraculous Chaos Scroll (40%, 50%, 60%, 70%)
20 Slot Soul Bag
Weapon Soul - Black Knight
Augmented Weapon Souls (Black Knight, Cygnus, Vellum, Crimson Queen)
Amazing Scrolls (2h WA 100%, 1h WA 100%, 1h MA 100%)

(Images above show only a partial selection of the items that can be obtained)

- MapleSEA Administrator