23 Aug 2022

[Golden Apple Update 240822] Mystery Golden Celebration!


It's time to celebrate the National festivity!

Note : The single Golden Apple shown above can only be purchased ONCE per Maple ID.

Assorted Souls

Let the meaner side unleash!

Note :
  • All types of Lotus's Soul are available in Golden Apple, alongside with its Augmented version.
  • Augmented Mad Mage Soul, Augmented Rampant Cyborg Soul, and Augmented Bad Brawler Soul are also available this time.


    Miscellaneous Items

    March your way on this Golden celebration with mounted columns!

    Note :
  • Cloud Mount and Wau Bulan Mount are Permanent.
  • The duration for Monster Hot Air Balloon Mount is 90 Days.

    Assorted Enhancement and Upgrade Items

    It is destined to be amazing!

    Note : Images shown are partial selection of items obtainable from Golden Apple.


    Apple-lutely a celebration you won't forget!