14 Jun 2022

[Golden Apple Update 150622] A Sweet, Golden, Apple Party!


Grapple your chance now!

Note : The single Golden Apple shown above can only be purchased ONCE per Maple ID.

Special Party Guest!

Too stunned to speak eh?

  • Stand a chance to obtain the highly-coveted Lucid's Earrings Cash Item, bound to let your party stand out!


    Equipping a Lucid's Earrings Cash Earring item allows usage of the skill Lucid's Nightmare Lv.1, which inflicts nightmares onto enemies, stunning them in place for 9 seconds. Enemies affected by Lucid's Nightmare will be immune to the effects of Lucid's Nightmare for 90 seconds.

    Note : The Lucid’s Earrings Coupon obtained from the Golden Apple will be tradeable, but the Lucid's Earring Cash Equipment obtained from the Coupon is untradeable. An Avatar Scissors of Karma can still be applied to the item for it to be traded once.

    Assorted Souls

    Yes! you ain't dreaming~

    Note :
  • All types of Lucid’s Soul are available in Golden Apple, alongside with its Augmented version.
  • Augmented Vellum's Soul, Augmented Murr Murr's Soul, and Augmented Zakum's Soul are also available this time.


    Miscellaneous Items

    Now, that's what we call a Sweet Treat!

    Note : Surf Mount and Gelato Cart Mount consist of 90 Days and Permanent version.

    Assorted Enhancement and Upgrade Items

    Scrr Scrr, Roll, woot!

    Note : Images shown are partial selection of items obtainable from Golden Apple.


    Get that Goldem'Applez.