07 Dec 2021

[Golden Apple Update 081221] A Snowless Winter's Bounty

Sale Duration
8th December (after Maintenance) ~ 29th December 2021 (before Maintenance)


The Tree was watered with Candy Canes, Maple Syrup, Chocolates, Gingerbread and a Turkey water.

Note : The single Golden Apple shown above can only be purchased once per Maple ID.

Assorted Souls

Black Mage selling out left overs.

Note: All types of Lucid’s Soul are available in Golden Apple, alongside with its Augmented version.


Chairs and Miscellaneous Cosmetic Items

Mobs on Ice~


Assorted Enhancement and Upgrade Items

*Flick* *Flack* *Fluangshhhh*

Note: Images shown are partial selection of items obtainable from Golden Apple.


Golddem Applez.