29 Dec 2020

[Cash Shop Update 301220] Star Messenger's Arrival

Dear Maplers,

1) [Update] Maple Royal Style - Sale ends 20th January
2) [Update] Masterpiece Machine - Sale ends 20th January
3) [Update] Chair Assembly Kit Update - Sale ends 20th 13th January
4) [Update] Damage Skin Booster Pack Update - Sale ends 20th 13th January
5) There are no removals this week

Maple Royal Style

Ride the Tides of the sea with the Mist Admiral Special Label!


The Mist Admiral Special Label Set consist of:
  • Mist Admiral Hat (Hat)
  • Mist Admiral (Overall)
  • Mist Admiral Boots (Shoes)
  • Blue Waves (Cape)
  • Black Wave (Weapon)

  • Bonus Item - Mist Admiral Ship Chair

    Collect the full Mist Admiral Special Label Set to receive the Mist Admiral Ship!
    Bonus chair is obtainable only once per account per world.
    Note: Several non-set items in the Maple Royal Style are intended to be durational. In this update, the Wave Label Ring and Quote Ring Coupons as well as the items obtained from these coupons will be durational.

    Special Bundle Sale
    Maple Royal Style coupons in bundles of 5's and 25's will be available at a discount for bulk purchases. Take advantage of these bundles for even better value!

    You may also trade your unwanted items obtained from the current Maple Royal Style with Mrs. Rococo in the Royal Style Secret Shop for Royal Points. Collect 10 points to obtain another Maple Royal Style Coupon! Points are reset every patch cycle.

    Don't forget about the Permanent Scouter from Maple Royal Style!
    Masterpiece Machine

    The Masterpiece Machine has arrived with a new set of Maple Royal Style Update! The Star Messenger has arrived with a notification... Plunk~

    Collect the full Master Star Messenger Master Label set for your gender, which consists of the Star's Message (Hat), Prophet of Dreams (Male Overall) or Dream Guide (Female Overall), Light's Protection (Cape), Starlight Steps (Shoe), and Star's Messenger (Weapon) to obtain the special Smiling Face Cosmetics Coupon (obtainable upon equipping all of the above items, once per account per world).


    Applied the Foggy or normal versions of Gentle Breeze Hair (Male) or Sparkling Wave Hair (Female)? Obtain a special Night-version of the hairstyles for your gender, the Breeze of Night (Male Hat) or Sparkling Wave of Night (Female Hat) for a different colour and style! (each wig is obtainable once per account per world).

    Chair Assembly Kit Update

    New Year New Amazing Chairs! We know you want the Ice Dragon chair right? hue hue~

    Note: You can invite another player to sit on the Lunar Shade Chair with you.
    Chairs marked * are not tradable.

    Damage Skin Booster Pack Update

    New Year New Amazing Damage Skins! Pssttt! Damage Skin - Cotton is quite nice though~
    Dont forget there is the 5x Damage Skin Booster Pack Bundle and get a bonus Damage Skin Extraction Exchange Coupon!
    *Note: The Damage Skin Extraction Coupon is untradable, with no expiry.

    There are no scheduled removals this week, hurrayy~