28 Mar 2023

[Cash Shop Update 290323] Lovely Foxes

1) Flowery Fox Set - Sale ends 12th April 2023
2) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 12th April 2023
3) [Update] Chair Assembly Kit - Sale ends 19th April 2023
4) Karma of Scissors Bundle Sale - Sale ends 12th April 2023
5) April Fool Sale - Sale Period 1st April 0000hrs ~ 2nd April 2359hrs
6) Removals

Flowery Fox Set

Flower and fox, what a combination.

Note: Both Flowery Fox Set can be equipped by both gender.


[Update] Heavenly Wing Box

Yeti x Pink Bean <3


[Update] Chair Assembly Kit

Perfect chair for Spring.

  • First Class Tube and Mushroom Chair are Inter-Account Transactions Only.
  • Pea Boat Ride can be used with your android.

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    Karma of Scissors Bundle Sale

    Three, Hammer, Scissors!


    April Fool Sale


    Note: All expressions obtained from Troll Expression Box (Purchased with Maple Point/Maple Cash) are Untradeable and Permanent



    No removals, why not looks at the cute foxes again.

    By the way something is hiding, please find it~