27 Dec 2022

[Cash Shop Update 281222] Catmanding Presence

1) Kitty Butler Package - ends 11th January 2023
2) Heavenly Wing Box - ends 11th January 2023
3) [Update] SEA Royal Hair and Face Coupon - ends 18th January 2023
4) Winter Themed Outfit Packages - ends 4th January 2023
5) Winter Box - ends 4th January 2023
6) Nineheart Permanent Emoticon - ends 11th January 2023
7) Removals

Kitty Butler Package

Meowni? MEOW MEOW!
(translated) Nani? SEND HELP!


Heavenly Wing Box

Adopt a- pair of cats!


[Update] SEA Royal Hair and Face Coupon

It's time for your fashion check-up.



Winter Themed Outfit Packages

Brace for the winter with these warm fluffy outfits!


Winter Box

An assortment of decoratives for the winter!

  • Every item showcased above can be obtained at a fixed chance from the Winter Box.
  • All items are permanent.
  • All items can be equipped by both gender.

    Nineheart Permanent Emoticons

    No, not Freud again please...

    Note : Emoticon Coupons are available for 30 days upon purchase. Upon using the coupons, obtained Emoticons will be permanently available.



    From the Cash Shop Update of 7th December 2022.
  •   ➢ Chair Assembly Kit
      ➢ Golden Apple
      ➢ Golden Apple (5)
      ➢ Golden Apple (15)
      ➢ Golden Apple (50)
      ➢ Golden Apple (100)

    From the Cash Shop Update of 14th December 2022.
      ➢ The Little Match Girl Set
      ➢ The Nutcracker Set
      ➢ Meowmas Hair Coupon
      ➢ Meowmas Face Coupon

    From the Cash Shop Update of 21st December 2022.
      ➢ Warm Winter Clothes Package (M)
      ➢ Warm Winter Clothes Package (F)
      ➢ Sweet Rudolph Package
      ➢ Once Upon a Winter (M)
      ➢ Once Upon a Winter (F)
      ➢ X-Mas Headset
      ➢ Christmas Box
      ➢ Christmas Jingle Bell
      ➢ Christmas Party Ring