25 Apr 2022

[Cash Shop Update 270422] Natural Cutiepie

1) Whispering Forest Package - Sale ends 11th May
2) Ariant Cuties Pet Package - Sale ends 11th May
3) New Pet Skill Package - Sale ends 11th May
4) Raindrop Damage Skin Coupon - Sale ends 11th May
5) Moonlight Lotus Mount Coupon - Sale ends 11th May
6) Removals

Whispering Forest Package

Flower Leaf Dance~


Ariant Cuties Pet Package

Attack on Cuties!!

  • All individual Lil Pet Package includes a Lil Pet, their respective pet equipment and pet food.
  • The Ariant Cuties Package only contain the pets and foods.
  • Pets, pet equipment and pet food included in the packages has a duration of 90 days.
  • Pets can be revived using Premium Water of Life.

  • image

    Don't forget to feed these cuties their favorite food and accessorize them with the Light of Ariant!


    New Pet Skill Package

    They made you Awwww and Wuuuu!!

    Note: A pet needs to have Auto-Pick Up Skill to learn Expand Range Skill which can be bought separately in the Cash Shop.


    Raindrop Damage Skin Coupon

    Splash with water~~


    Moonlight Lotus Mount Coupon

    Moonlight Lotus Mount consist of 90 Days and Permanent version.



    From the Cash Shop Update of 13th April 2022.
      ➢ Blooming Cube Pack
      ➢ Spring Breeze Package (M)
      ➢ Spring Breeze Package (F)

    Note: Listed items will automatically be removed at 26th April, 2359hrs

    Cute Cute Pet Coming Through~~