26 Jan 2021

[Cash Shop Update 270121] Sengoku Original MOO-chandise

Good day Maplers,

1) [NEW] Sengoku Singles, Packages and Hat Box - Sale ends 24th February
2) [NEW] Cow Packages - Sale ends 14th February
3) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box Update - Sale ends 14th February
4) [Update] Chair Assembly Kit Update - Sale ends 14th February
5) [Update] Pandora Box Update - Sale ends 10th February
6) Removals

Sengoku Singles,Packages and Hat Box

HURRAAHHH Comrades!! Sengoku Merchandise are now available up for grabs! Come join the Sengoku Army! #Sengoku3 #Army #Packages #Ayame

• Sengoku Singles

• Sengoku Packages

• Sengoku Asura War Hat Box

Note : All Hats are Permanent, Obtained randomly.

Cow Packages

♫ When all you got to keep is strong MOO along, MOO along, like I know you do ♪♪ ~
MooMoo moo moo MOOO mOOOOO mooo moo!! "New Cute Cow Packages are here to brighten up your day!!"

Heavenly Wing Box Update

Aren't these wings just look Moo-tiful? Cow Puns rock :3
Note : Bubbling Cows is part of the Cow Packages.

Chair Assembly Kit Update

♫ Memm meme me me maple-se-tory~ lala la la la laaaaa ♪♪ ~ All Chairs are tradable this round, you're welcome.


Pandora Box Update

Dive into the world of Pandora, world filled with treasures.

  • The Pandora's Box has a duration of 7 days expiry.
  • All items are of permanent duration.
  • All items are tradable, except for Dominator Pendant and Black Bean Mark.
  • All equipment boxes can be placed up for auction, however it cannot be dropped.

  • Removals

  • Erda Pets Packages, Pet Skill Package and Magician's Oversized Mount Hat from the Cash Shop Update of 13th January 2021.

  • Stay Moo, Stay Moo-some~