23 Jan 2024

[Cash Shop Update 240124] Cute Little Four Perils

1) Cutie Four Perils Pets - Sale ends 7th February
2) NEW Pet Skill Package - Sale ends 7th February
3) Mysterious Color Beauty Coupons - Sale ends 31st January
4) Removals

Cutie Four Perils Pets

  • Individual Cutie Four Perils Pet Package comes with respective Pet Equipment and 6x Four Peril's Globin Fire
  • Cutie Four Perils Pet Set comes with 11x Four Peril's Globin Fire
  • Four Peril's Globin Fire is permanenetly added to the Cash Shop

  • Cutie Four Perils
    ATT/MATT +7
    image image
    Cutie Hondon
    image image
    Cutie Gunggi
    image image
    Cutie Do'oul
    image image
    Gold Chain of Cutie Hondon
    image image
    Gold Crown of Cutie Gunggi
    image image
    Gold Deco of Cutie Do'oul

    NEW Pet Skill Package

    Note: The pet needs to have Auto-Pick Up Skill (which can be purchased seperately in the Cash Shop) prior to use Expand Range Skill


    Mysterious Color Beauty Coupons

  • Mix colors of both coupon obtained are Random
  • Reminder! Please store the Hair/Face style in the Mannequin if you wish to keep the look. Any unsaved styles will be gone forever

  • image


    From the Cash Shop Update of 3rd January 2024
      ➢ Chair Assembly Kit