22 Dec 2021

[Cash Shop Update 221221] Master of a Mysterious Magical Maze

1) New First Purchase Package - Sale ends 26th January 2022
2) New Mapler Package - Sale ends 26th January 2022
3) Return Mapler Package - Sale ends 26th January 2022
4) Burning Character Special Package - Sale ends 26th January 2022
5) Happy Winter Box - Sale ends 31st December 2021, 2359hrs
6) Tera-fic Promo - Sale ends 5th January 2022
7) [Update] Maple Royal Style - Sale ends 12th January 2022
8) [Update] Masterpiece Machine - Sale ends 12th January 2022
9) [Update] Sea Royal Beauty Update - Sale ends 12th January 2022
10) [Update] Decoratives Rotation
11) Removals

New First Purchase Package

First time? Fear not! Here's a cheap cheap package during these pandemic times to help you out in your Maple World journey!

  • Only accounts without any prior Cash purchase transactions will be able to view this package in the Cash Shop, and only 1 purchase is allowable per Passport account.
  • The pet obtained cannot have its Magic Duration extended.
  • image

    New Mapler Package

    Note: The New Mapler Package can be purchased by Maple Accounts that are created after 17th November 2021.


    Return Mapler Package

    Note: The Return Mapler Package can be purchased by Maple Accounts that are have not logged in since 29th September 2021.


    Burning Character Special Package

    Caution! This box is super hot!

    Note : Only Burning Characters can purchase this package.
  • Can only be purchased ONCE per burning character.
  • This package can only be purchased with Maple Cash and cannot be Gifted.
  • All tradability, functionality and it's duration are as shown in game.
  • The 1.5x EXP Coupon can only be used after achieving level 130.
  • The Special Cube Bundles & 3x EXP Coupon can only be used after achieving level 200.

    Package Items


    Burning Beauty


    Happy Winter Box


    Note: Hats obtained are Permanent and Randomly.


    Tera-fic Promo

    Last call for this round's Tera-fic Promo~


    Maple Royal Style

    Tailor been tailoring with the Magical Tailor Set Special Label! IDK what I just said.


    The Magical Tailor Set Special Label Set consist of:
  • Magic Star Button (Hat)
  • Great Tailor (Male Overall)
  • Competent Tailor (Female Overall)
  • Tailor Shoes (Shoe)
  • Tailor's Treasure (Cape)
  • Magical Tailor (Weapon)

  • Bonus Item - Mysterious Workshop

    Collect the full Magical Tailor Set Special Label Set to receive the Mysterious Workshop! Bonus chair is obtainable only once per account per world.
  • Several non-set items in the Maple Royal Style are intended to be durational. In this update, the Dreamy Snowscape Label Ring and Quote Ring Coupons as well as the items obtained from these coupons will be durational.
  • Cash Items obtained from Maple Royal Style are by random.


    Special Bundle Sale
    The 5's and 25's bundles are in as well~

    Masterpiece Machine

    Gaze into the depths of the newly awakened Labyrinth.

    Redeem a special Eternal Maze Mount by collecting and equipping the full Master Maze Master Label set for your gender, which consists of
  • Weight of Trails (Hat)
  • Lord Labyrinth (Male Overall)
  • Lady Labyrinth (Female Overall)
  • Pieces of Solution (Shoe)
  • Escape Key (Cape)
  • Labyrinth Haze (Weapon)

  • image

    Apply the Foggy or normal versions of Puzzle Hair (Male) or Clue Hair (Female)? Obtain a special Night-version of the hairstyles for your gender, the Night Puzzle (Male Hat) or Night Clue (Female Hat) for a different colour and style! (each wig is obtainable once per account per world).

  • Cash Items obtained from Masterpiece Machine are by random.
  • Cash Items's gender obtained from Masterpiece Machine is set according to the main Cash Item used.

    Sea Royal Beauty

    New look is On Air!

    Note: Reward List obtained are by random.



    Decoratives Rotation

    Deco Deco Nii~



    From the Cash Shop Update of 8th December 2021.

  •   ➢ Flower Hat Box
      ➢ Be the Spirit Package
      ➢ Winter Royal Hair Coupon
      ➢ Winter Royal Face Coupon

    Deco December~