20 Jul 2021

[Cash Shop Update 210721] Glamorous Lunar Sunset Dream

Dreaming in the wonders of the night sky.

1) [Special] Night Effect Rings (Sale ends 4th August)
2) [Special] Lunar/Sunset Package (Sale ends 4th August)
3) Removals

Night Effect Rings

Let the moonlight shine upon you.

Note : Both Dream Night Effect Ring and Glamorous Night Effect Ring are Permanent.


Lunar/Sunset Package

Comes with a kiutt kitty emote cap~ Catto : "Heavy Breathing"

Note : Cash Items in both Lunar Package and Sunset Package are Permanent.



From the Cash Shop Update of 30th June 2021.
  ➢ Maple Royal Style
  ➢ Masterpiece Machine
  ➢ Premium Masterpiece Machine
  ➢ Maple Royal Style (5)
  ➢ Maple Royal Style (15)
  ➢ SEA Royal Face Coupon
  ➢ SEA Royal Hair Coupon

From the Cash Shop Update of 7th July 2021.
  ➢ Summer Sunflower Set (M)
  ➢ Summer Sunflower Set (F)
  ➢ Heavenly Wing Box

Stay safe.