19 Oct 2021

[Cash Shop Update 201021] Ghoulishly Spookydoo Dolls

Voodoo dolls have revealed themselves! Be afraid!! WooOOOoooooOO~

1) Lil' Voodoo Doll Pets (Sale ends 3rd November)
2) Pet Skill Sales (Sale ends 3rd November)
3) Removals

Lil' Voodoo Doll Pets

I think theres a Voodoo doll behind you..

Note : All pets are 90 days only, and can be revived using Premium Water of Life.


Don't miss the Perm Lil' Voodoo Doll Pet EQ and the Lil' Voodoo Doll Pet Food *wink*

Pet Skill Sales

Greater bargains on Pet Skills!

Note : Expand Range Skill can only be used on a pet that has Automatic Pick-Up Skill available.



From the Cash Shop Update of 29th September 2021.
  ➢ Maple Royal Style
  ➢ Masterpiece Machine
  ➢ Premium Masterpiece Machine
  ➢ Maple Royal Style (5)
  ➢ Maple Royal Style (15)
  ➢ SEA Royal Face Coupon
  ➢ SEA Royal Hair Coupon

From the Cash Shop Update of 6th October 2021.
  ➢ Lovely Turquoise Package
  ➢ Lovely Sapphire Package
  ➢ Chair Assembly Kit
  ➢ Perfect Innocence Scroll
  ➢ Shielding Ward
  ➢ Superior Shielding Ward
  ➢ High Quality Equipment Enhancement Scroll
  ➢ Shield Scroll
  ➢ Return Scroll
  ➢ Guardian Scroll
  ➢ Special Additional Potential Provision Scroll