18 Jun 2019

[Cash Shop Update 190619] Special Anniversary Week

Dear Maplers,

Please take note that all items in this update will only be available until their removal on 3rd July 2019, unless otherwise specified below.

1) [Burning World Special] Adventure Meso Sack
2) [Decorative Packages] Blue Flame Devil Package
3) [14th Anniversary Sales] Discounted Individual Item Sales (available for 1 week only!)
4) Removal

Adventure Meso Sack Returns!

The Adventure Meso Sack returns with the release of Burning World! It will be available for purchase from the Cash Shop, only in Burning World, for 2 weeks!


Blue Flame Devil Package


image image
• Package→Appearance

• Permanent

14th Anniversary Special Discounted Sales (available for 1 week only!)

Special 14th Anniversary discounted prices from 14 selected items!



• Cash Shop Update from Cash Shop Update of 050619
• Golden Apples Update from June's Golden Fortune

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- MapleSEA Administrator