16 Aug 2022

[Cash Shop Update 170822] Are you a Dolphin?

1) Lil Dolphin Pets Package - Sale ends 31st August
2) NEW Pet Skill Package - Sale ends 31st August
3) [Update] Chair Assembly Kit - Sale ends 7th September
4) Removals

Lil Dolphin Pets Package

Dolphin Pet Set and Package

Cuteness overload.

  • All individual Dolphin Pet Package includes a Dolphin Pet, their respective pet equipment and pet food.
  • The Lil Dolphin Pets Package ONLY contain the pets and foods.
  • Pet equipment and pet food included in the packages has a magic duration of 90 days.
  • Pets can be revived using Premium Water of Life.

  • image

    Dolphin Pet Equipment

    Don't forgot to give these little dolphins their favourite equipment and food.

  • The permanent pet equipment is ONLY purchasable until 31st August's Cash Shop Update.
  • Sardine pet food is added Permanently into the Cash Shop.

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    NEW Pet Skill Package

    Upgrade your little dolphins with more skills.

    Note: The pet needs to have Auto-Pick Up Skill (which can be purchased seperately in the Cash Shop) prior to use Expand Range Skill.


    [Update] Chair Assembly Kit

    Two new chair for you.

    Note: Chairs are obtained randomly.



    From the Cash Shop Update of 3rd August 2022.
      ➢ Busy Boy Penguin Package
      ➢ Busy Girl Penguin Package

    Little dolphins are calling for you, don't wait, get'em now!