15 Aug 2023

[Cash Shop Update 160823] Night Troupe Prelude

1) Night Troupe Package - Sale ends 30th August
2) [Special] Pandora's Box - Sale ends 23rd August
3) SAVIOR Farewell Sales - Sale ends 23rd August
4) Hyper Miracle Circulator - Sale ends 23rd August
4) Mysterious Color Beauty Coupons - Sale ends 23rd August
5) Removals

Important Notice

  • Pendant Slot Coupon (7 days) will no longer be sold in Cash Shop
  • Buff Freezer sales will end on 22nd August 2023, 2359hrs (GMT +8)
    (Updated 16 August 2023, 0927hrs)

  • For further information, please refer to the Advance Notice for Various System Changes in v225 here

    Night Troupe Package

    Dress up for Night Troupe!

    Note: Night Troupe Package can be equipped by both gender


    [Special] Pandora's Box

    What's inside the box?!

  • The Pandora's Box has a duration of 7 days
  • All reward obtained are by Random
  • All items are Tradaable, except for Dominator Pendant and Black Bean Mark
  • All equipment boxes can be registered in Maple Auction, however it cannot be dropped

  • image

    SAVIOR Farewell Sales

    Goodbye SAVIOR T^T

    Training Boost

  • All 15 Days 2X EXP Coupons will be Untradeable even if purchased with Maple Cash
  • All 15 Days 2X EXP Coupons cannot be Gifted
  • Ignition Ring has Duration of ONE day


    Ring of Inner Glory & Studs of Harmony

  • Ring of Inner Glory & Studs of Harmony has duration of 90 days upon purchase
  • Equipping Ring of Inner Glory will give you the skill Inner Glory
  • Equipping Studs of Harmony will give you the skill Harmonious Glory

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    Hyper Miracle Circulator

    Hype for Night Troupe!


    Mysterious Color Beauty Coupons


  • Mix colors of both coupon obtained are Random
  • Reminder! Please store the Hair/Face style in the Mannequin if you wish to keep the look. Any unsaved styles will be gone forever

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    From the Cash Shop Update of 26th July 2023
      ➢ Chair Assembly Kit

    Preparing for Night Troupe.....