12 Feb 2020

[Cash Shop Update 120220] Red Valentine's

Dear Maplers,

Please take note that all items in this update will only be available until their removal on 26th February 2020, with the exception of [♥] Valentine's Related Sales, which will be removed on 19th February 2020.

1) [NEW] Red Warrior Decorative Package
2) [♥Special♥] Valentine's Day Dessert Decorative Package
3) [♥Sale♥] Valentine's Season Special Sale
4) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box
5) [Update] Magician's Oversized Mount Hat
6) Removal

Red Warrior Decorative Package

Rise up, warrior, for your time has come. Don the Red Warrior Package and get ready for battle.
The Red Warrior Package includes:
  • Red Warrior Hat
  • Red Warrior Overall
  • Red Warrior Weapon
  • Red Warrior Label Ring
  • Red Warrior Quote Ring

  • image

    Note: Picture (left) includes the Red Warrior Cape which can only be obtained from the Heavenly Wing Box.

    ♥ Valentine's Day Dessert Decorative Package ♥

    What's Valentine's without a date? What's a date without desserts? If you can't get a date, at least you can get some desserts.
    The Valentine's Day Dessert Package (M) includes:
  • Sweet Chocolate Cake Hat
  • Sweet Chocolate Dessert Suit
  • Sweet Chocolate Dessert Shoes
  • The Valentine's Day Dessert Package (F) includes:
  • Sweet Fresh Cream Cake Hat
  • Sweet Fresh Cream Dessert Dress
  • Sweet Fresh Cream Dessert Shoes

  • image

    Packages can be equipped by either gender, but are recommended for the gender as stated on the packages.

    ♥ Valentine's Season Special Sale ♥

    Valentine's Royal Beauty Coupon
    A night to remember, a date to impress. Let's spice things up with a refreshed style!



    P.S. These can be used on Androids too, so don't be spending Valentine's alone this year!

    House Wedding Ticket Discount
    Sharing happiness, dividing sorrows. Propose to your beloved in-game partner today and enjoy discounted rates for your special day! Remember to invite me~


    Valentine's Lovely Wardrobe Picks
    Can't decide what to wear or maybe wanna renew your wardrobe with some matching tees and rings with your partner? Selected Cash Decoratives are available for purchase! These items are not permanent and last for 365 days.


    Heavenly Wing Box Update

    Boxes can fly, because they have wings. The only thing that I don't want flying are kites. Please.

    You can obtain the following capes from the Heavenly Wing Box.


    *Marked item cannot be traded, listed in Auction House, nor placed into Cash Shop Wardrobe.

    Magician's Oversized Mount Hat Update

    Showing some Magic Tricks to impress your date? Why not pull something unreasonable out of a top hat. Because you can. The Magician's Oversized Mount Hat has been updated with new mounts!


  • Cash Shop Update of 29th January 2020
  • Lunar New Year's Golden Apple Harvest