09 Jun 2020

[Cash Shop Update 100620] Boo!

Dear Maplers,

1) [NEW] Fluffy Purple Package - Sale ends 24th June
2) [NEW] Special Royal Navy Package - Sale ends 1st July
3) [Update] Magician's Oversized Mount Hat - Sale ends 1st July
4) [Update] Chair Assembly Kit - Sale ends 1st July
5) Removal & Updates

Fluffy Purple Package

Fluffy comfy fluffy!
The Fluffy Purple Package (M) includes:
  • Fluffy Purple Comfy (M)
  • Cotton Hat
  • Purple Shoes
  • Cotton Snow Flower
  • The Fluffy Purple Package (F) includes:
  • Fluffy Purple Softy (F)
  • Cotton Bell
  • Purple Shoes
  • Cotton Snow Flower

  • image

    Packages can only be equipped by the respective genders as stated on the packages

    Special Royal Navy Package

    Special assignment!!
    The Special Royal Navy Package includes:
  • Royal Navy Hat
  • Royal Navy Uniform
  • Royal Marine Flag

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    Magician's Oversized Mount Hat Update

    Magician? Are you really one without pulling something unreasonable out of a top hat? The Magician's Oversized Mount Hat has been updated with new mounts!

    Chair Assembly Kit Update

    Grab your toolkits and hammers, it's time to assemble a chair! Boo? Boo!


    *Note: Marked chairs are untradeable.

    Removal & Updates
  • RISE Limited Time Flash Sales are happening daily throughout the week. Visit the event page for more information on how to grab our limited flash sale items!
  • Maple Royal Style, Masterpiece Machine, and SEA Royal Beauty Coupons from Cash Shop Update of 20th May 2020
  • Cash Shop Update of 27th May 2020 with the exception of the Heavenly Wing Box which will only end on the next Cash Shop Update
  • Summer Special Durational Sales from Cash Shop Update of 3rd June 2020