08 Nov 2022

[Cash Shop Update 091122] Ignite the Party!

The light will come after the darkness. Kindle to glory!

1) Dark Black Crow Set - Sale ends 16th November 2022
2) [Special] Ignition Party Live Headset - Sale ends 16th November 2022
3) [Special] Pre-Ignition Sales - Sale ends 16th November 2022
4) Removals

Dark Black Crow Set


  • All Decorative items are Permanent.
  • Packages can be equipped by either gender.
  • Ignition Coin x50 Exchange Coupon has a duration of 30 days upon purchase, and it can be used only after the v218 Patch Update.


    Ignition Party Live Headset

    Let's light up this partayy!!

  • All headsets are Permanent.
  • Each Headset comes with a set of Unique Music.
  • Songs will be played following the tracklist order, and will continue to play even when the MapleStory window is not active.
  • You may stop the music by right-clicking on the buff icon. Equip the headset again to enjoy the music once more!


    Pre-Ignition Sales

    It's flaming sales right here!

  • Ignition Ring has duration of ONE day.
  • Ring of Inner Glory and Studs of Harmony has duration of 90 days.
  • Ring of Inner Glory is a Unique item.



    From the Cash Shop Update of 19th October 2022.
      ➢ Maple Royal Style
      ➢ Masterpiece Machine
      ➢ Premium Masterpiece Machine
      ➢ Maple Royal Style (5)
      ➢ Maple Royal Style (25)

    From the Cash Shop Update of 26th October 2022.
      ➢ Brown Picnic Day Set
      ➢ Beige Picnic Day Set

    When darkness prevail, light it with hope.. IGNITE!