08 Aug 2023

[Cash Shop Update 090823] Lemony Lemonade

1) Sparkling/Bubble Lemon Set Package - Sale ends 23rd August
2) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 23rd August
3) [Update] Damage Skin Booster Pack - Sale ends 23rd August
4) Utility Scroll 2's Bundle Special Sale - Sale ends 23rd August
5) Removals

Sparkling/Bubble Lemon Set Package

Tasty lemon~

Note: Sparkling Lemon Set and Bubble Lemon Set can be equipped by both gender


[Update] Heavenly Wing Box

Be the coolest in the town!


[Update] Damage Skin Booster Pack

Cool! Refreshed!

Note: Damage Skin - Crayon is Untradeable


Utility Scroll 2's Bundle Special Sale

Duo! Double!



From the Cash Shop Update of 19th July 2023
  ➢ Wisp's Wonderberry
  ➢ Wisp's Wonderberry 10 Package
  ➢ Luna Crystal
  ➢ Luna Crystal (3)
  ➢ Luna Crystal (5)
  ➢ Desolate Death's Death
  ➢ Tranquil Death's Death
  ➢ Petite Death Aura
  ➢ Kuang Twinkle
  ➢ Kyaang Twinkle
  ➢ Kkyaang Twinkle
  ➢ Dozy Tube
  ➢ Sleepy Sunglasses
  ➢ Waddly Sun Cap
  ➢ NEW Pet Skill Package

From the Cash Shop Update of 26th July 2023
  ➢ Countryside Style Tomboy Set (M)
  ➢ Countryside Style Tomboy Set (F)
  ➢ Watermelon Sorbet (M)
  ➢ Watermelon Sorbet (F)
  ➢ Avatar Scissors of Karma (3)
  ➢ Scissors of Karma (3)
  ➢ Platinum Scissors of Karma (3)
  ➢ Vicious' Hammer (3)

Cool, calm, refreshed