05 Apr 2022

[Cash Shop Update 060422] Bling-Bling Spring

1) Flutter Flower Package - Sale ends 13th April
2) Forest Witch Set - Sale ends 13th April
3) Spring Hat Box - Sale ends 13th April
4) Flower Breeze Mount Coupon - Sale ends 13th April
5) Gachapon Bundles - Sale ends 13th April, 0500hrs
6) Removals

Flutter Flower Package

Flower Blooooom~


Forest Witch Set

Feeling from the nature.


Spring Hat Box

Flowers on your head?!

Note: Spring Box hat items are permanent and obtained at random.


Flower Breeze Mount Coupon

Flower Breeze Mount consist of 90 Days and Permanent version.


Gachapon Bundles

Bundles of Joy~


Note: FYI, these are what you get from Gachapon this time round. Click HERE!


From the Cash Shop Update of 2nd March 2022.
  ➢ Maple Royal Style
  ➢ Masterpiece Machine
  ➢ Premium Masterpiece Machine
  ➢ Chew Chew Festival Royal Pack
  ➢ Chew Chew Cube Pack

From the Cash Shop Update of 16th March 2022.
  ➢ Wisp's Wonderberry
  ➢ Wisp's Wonderberry 10 Package
  ➢ Luna Crystal
  ➢ Luna Crystal
  ➢ Luna Crystal
  ➢ Blue Night Butterfly
  ➢ Twinkling
  ➢ Chewroot Hairpin
  ➢ Chewmuto Bib
  ➢ Chewnana Hairpin
  ➢ NEW Pet Skill Package

From the Cash Shop Update of 23rd March 2022.
  ➢ Lavender Cozy Package
  ➢ Blossom Cozy Package

Flower Aroma in the air~~