05 Mar 2024

[Cash Shop Update 060324] Tears and Sorrow

1) Tears/Sorrow of Mermaid Set - Sale ends 20th March
2) New Bliss New Me - Sale ends 13th March
3) Mysterious Color Beauty Coupons - Sale ends 13th March
4) Removals

Tears/Sorrow of Mermaid Set

Note: Cash Items obtained from package can be equipped by both gender

Tear of Mermaid Scale Hat/Sadness of Mermaid Headband [Hat]
Tear of Mermaid/Sadness of Mermaid Overall [Overall]
Shanty Shoes [Shoes]

New Bliss New Me

  • Character Name Change Coupon can only be purchased ONCE PER MAPLE ID
  • Character Name Change Coupon cannot be Gifted
  • Character Name Change Coupon is a durational coupon. Please be advised to activate the coupon immediately upon purchased to avoid any losses

  • image

    Mysterious Color Beauty Coupons

  • Mix colors of both coupon obtained are Random
  • Reminder! Please store the Hair/Face style in the Mannequin if you wish to keep the look. Any unsaved styles will be gone forever

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    No removal