03 Jun 2020

[Cash Shop Update 030620] Virtually Summer

Dear Maplers,

1) [Special] Summer Special Durational Sales - Sale ends 10th June
2) [Special] Utility Scroll 2's Sales - Sale ends 17th June
3) Removal & Updates

Summer Special Durational Sales

Dress right for the hot weather and cool off with a virtual beach party! Several outfits are available for mix and match purchase for your perfect virtual summer!


  • Frog Lotus Leaf hat
  • Frog Straw hat
  • Frog Overall
  • Frog Picnic Overall (F)
  • Frog Pond
  • Frog Gala Shoes

  • Kwang Shark
  • It's me, Shark
  • Shark's Tail
  • Shark Sleeper
  • Ruler of Fish

  • Fantastic Beach
  • Fantastic Beach Swimsuit (M)
  • Fantastic Beach Swimsuit (F)
  • Fantastic Beach Shoes
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Can Breathe Underwater**
  • **The effect item Can Breathe Underwater cannot be traded or sold via the Auction House even when purchased with Maple Cash

  • Charlotte Straw Hat
  • Charlotte's Garden
  • See-through Heart
  • Summer Off-shoulder Overall
  • Bamboo-copter Hat
  • Super Summer Snorkeling
  • Super Summer Flippers
  • Super Summer Board
  • Super Summer Orange

  • Utility Scroll 2's Bundle Special Sale

    Stock up, stock well, scroll up, scroll well! Purchase various utility scrolls in bundle of 2's! Only available until 17th June 2020, 1000hrs.


    Removal & Updates
  • RISE Up! Adele Special Sales from Cash Shop Update of 20th May 2020