01 Aug 2023

[Updated] [Cash Shop Update 020823] SAVIOR National Day

1) [New] SAVIOR Box - Sale ends 23rd August, 0959hrs
2) SG National Day - Sale duration - 7th August, 0000hrs ~ 11th August, 2359hrs
3) Removals

[New] SAVIOR Box


  • All Cash Item obtained is Permanent.
  • Saint Label Ring (ANI) wings effect will appear every 20seconds
  • Cyber Street Punk Hood (M), Cyber Street Punk Hoodie (F), Delinquent Student Suit, Delinquent Student Dress, Delinquent Student Shoes (M), Delinquent Student Shoes (F), Lily of the Valley Suit, Lily of the Valley Frock, Lucky Pink Ribbon Beret, Lucky Pink Dress, Lucky Pink Heels, Watermelon Dress and Watermelon Overall can be equipped by both gender.

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    SG National Day

    (Updated 7 Aug 2023, 0043hrs): Dear Maplers, we are aware that the web news Hair List is incorrect. It will be updated as soon as possible.

    (Updated 7 Aug 2023, 0130hrs): Dear Maplers, the correct Hair List has been updated accordingly. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    image Happy Singapore National Day!!image

  • Hair styles from the SG National Day Hair Coupon are selectable.
  • Reminder! Please store the Hairstyle in the Mannequin if you wish to keep the hair. Any unsaved Hairstyle will be gone forever.


    From the Cash Shop Update of 12th July 2023.
      ➢ Maple Royal Style
      ➢ Maple Royal Style (5)
      ➢ Maple Royal Style (25)
      ➢ Masterpiece Machine
      ➢ Premium Masterpiece Machine

    From the Cash Shop Update of 19th July 2023.
      ➢ Fatal Dance Set (M)
      ➢ Fatal Dance Set (F)
      ➢ Heavenly Wing Box
      ➢ SEA Royal Hair Coupon
      ➢ SEA Royal Face Coupon

    Enjoy shopping