31 May 2022

[Cash Shop Update 010622] Love, Venus!

Let's take the journey beyond the stars!

1) Black Venus Package - Sale ends 15th June 2022
2) [Update] Heavenly Wing Box - Sale ends 15th June 2022
3) Utility Bundle Scroll - Sale period : 1st June 2022, 1000hrs - 15th June 2022, 0959hrs
4) Removals

Black Venus Package

Nothing could transcends it better

Note :
  • All Cash items are Permanent.
  • Complete the Black Venus set look with Fly me to Venus from the Heavenly Wing Box.

    [Update] Heavenly Wing Box

    Ain't it astronomical?!

    Note : Reward List obtained are Random.

    Utility Bundle Scroll

    Scroll beyond the constellation~ Remember, safety first!



    Phewww! No removals!

    ♪ Fly.. me.. to Venus ♪