18 Aug 2011

[Update] Urgent Server Maintenance on 18th August 2011 (All Worlds)

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be an Urgent Server Maintenance for ALL worlds on 18th August 2011 from 0300hrs to 0400hrs (GMT +8).

Game Service for ALL WORLDS will be down including Hercules during stipulated maintenance timing.

[Bug Fix]
1. Retrieval of items from NPC Fredrick
2. Resume service for Cash Shop & MTS

Please log out before this period to prevent any game disruption.

MY Gateway resumes service since 0317hrs +8 GMT.
SG Gateway resumes service since 0342hrs +8 GMT.
SG & MY Gateway Cash Shop & MTS resumes service since 0410hrs +8 GMT.

Thank you.

– MapleSEA Administrator