06 Aug 2020

[Completed] Urgent Channel Check on 6th August 2020

[Update as of 1507hrs, 6th August 2020]

All game services have resumed at 1507hrs.

• Characters originally stuck at the Western Gunslinger event's exit map will now be able to end and exit the event normally.
• When there are too many players matching for the Western Gunslinger event, all players who failed to match will receive the error message “Failed to enter because all maps are full. Please try again later when it's less busy.”
• Warping to Channel 1 when matching for Western Gunslinger is as intended. However, as many players have raised certain concerns and difficulties, this will be scheduled to be addressed at the upcoming weekly maintenance.

Thank you.

[Update as of 1325hrs, 6th August 2020]

Due to an unfortunate incident which caused an additional issue to crop up during the below Channel Check, we will need to perform an Emergency Server Check in order to address all the issues.

Game service will be unavailable from 1345hrs to 1500hrs.

Dear Maplers,

There will be an Urgent Channel Check scheduled for 6th August 2020, between 1100hrs to 1200hrs (GMT +8) to address an issue that was reported with regards to our new Gunslinger event.

Login Servers will be unavailable during the stipulated timing. Specific Channels for all Worlds will NOT be available during the respective timings sequenced as below. Players are advised to move to the unaffected channels to avoid any game disruption.

Downtime for the respective channels across the different worlds will be as follows:

World Channels Downtime (GMT+8)
Aquila 1 to 15 1100hrs to 1130hrs
Bootes, Cassiopeia 1 to 16 1100hrs to 1130hrs
Draco 1 to 18 1100hrs to 1130hrs
Aquila 16 to 30 1130hrs to 1200hrs
Bootes, Cassiopeia 17 to 30 1130hrs to 1200hrs
Draco 19 to 36 1130hrs to 1200hrs

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

-MapleSEA Administrator