14 Dec 2011

Solution for Error Code 2 and 6

Dear Maplers,

We are aware that many players are getting the following error when trying to launch MapleStory Game Client and do minor patch to v1.12.4:

Error Code 2
Error Code 6 : The handle is invalid

To resolve this error, please follow the links below and download, then install the patch update using manual patch files.

Guide on how to manually patch your current MapleStory v1.12.3 game client to v1.12.4

1. Copy the ZIP File into your MapleStory folder after you have downloaded it.
2. Delete or cut the existing Maplestory.exe to another location as backup. (Ensure that there isn’t any other MapleStory.exe in the MapleStory folder)
3. Extract the zip file with v1.12.4 MapleStory.exe into your existing MapleSEA game folder.
4. To ensure that you have successfully patch to v1.12.4, check the version on the top right when selecting your preferred Gateway.

MapleSEA v1.12.4 Minor Patch Download Link

Mirror Link 1: Manual Minor Patch v1.112.4 Link

Mirror Link 2: Manual Minor Patch v1.112.4 (Ziddu) Link

Mirror Link 3: Manual Minor Patch v1.112.4 (Sendspace) Link

Mirror Link 4: Manual Minor Patch v1.112.4 (4Shared) Link

Thank you for your patience and understanding during the downtime for this minor game patch.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to many players.

– Maple Administrator