27 Sep 2011

[Complete] Server Maintenance and Cash Shop Update on 28/09/2011

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that we will be having a Server Maintenance for MY Gateway and Cash Shop Update for BOTH SG & MY Gateway on 28th September 2011 from 0900hrs – 1100hrs (+8 GMT).

SG Gateway Game Service will NOT be down during the stipulated timing.

Game Service that will be afftected during this period of time are:
1. MY Gateway
2. Cash Shop for both SG & MY Gateway.

Players from MY Gateway are advised to logout before this period of time to prevent any game disruption. SG Gateway players are advised to avoid entering the Cash Shop during the stipulated timing to avoid disconnection from game.

Cash Shop Update Includes

New Cash Items!
image Children’s Day Hat
image Pink Teru Cape
image Blue Teru Cape
image Yellow Teru Cape
image Chocolate Dipped Stick
image 50% up EXP Coupon (1Hour) / (3Hour) Available in Cash Shop until 12th October 2011 Only

Removal from Cash Shop

• Pam’s Song
• Pendant Slot Expansion Coupon
• Premium Meso Dungeon Ticket

Update: MY Gateway Server Maintenance & Cash Shop Update for Both SG & MY Gateway are completed since 0940hrs +8 GMT.

– MapleSEA Administrator