23 May 2012

Minor Patch and Cash Shop Update on 23rd May 2012

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be a Minor Patch & Cash Shop Update on 23rd May 2012 from 0600hrs to 1800hrs(+8 GMT) for Aquila, Bootes and F/G/H Worlds while 0600hrs to 2300hrs(+8GMT) for Cassiopeia & D/E/I Worlds.

Minor Patch Update Includes:

1. Fairy Pendant will once again be available at NPC Randolf & NPC Lucia
2. Mapler Ring buff effect will now work even it has been equipped over a ring.
3. Purchasing of pet’s foods and guides are now available from any Pet Merchant.
4. Random box markers affecting the Ludibrium Party Quest Stage 3 have been fixed.
5. Fixing of Ardentmill exit portal.
6. New Ardentmill portals added in Aquarium and Korean Folk Town.
7. Crediting of “I’m New Ring” for all new Maple account with New Character created from 14th May to 23rd 0600hrs(+8GMT).
8. Encoding Mercedes and Demon Slayer Videos

-Criteria to qualify for the first wave “I’m New Ring” reward, the Maple account and character must be created from 14th May to 23rd May 0600hrs(+8GMT).
-As Cassiopeia & D/E/I Worlds will be undergoing a Server Maintenance & Patch update at the same time, it would require more time thus we hope to seek your kind understanding with regard to this matter.

Functions that will be affected during the Minor Patch & Cash Shop Update :

• MapleSEA Website
• Asiasoft Passport Registration
• @Cash Top-up service
• @Cash to Game Cash Conversion service
• Change of email address of AP account
• Change of AP password
• Change of AP security PIN
• Creation of game account
• Change of game account password
• Reset of game account password
• iNETs and AXS Top-up service
• @Cafe services
• @Key device services (One time password)

Cash Shop Update :


Always wanted a FREE MOUNT Skill, with the new Cannon Shooter Pet Package( Craw, Adriano, Bonkey) you will be able to obtain a new mount skill upon summoning the 3 pets out.

imageCannon Shooter Pet Package consist of 1 x Craw, 1 x Adriano, 1 x Bonkey
imageCraw’s Pirate Hat
imageAdriano’s Hat
imageBonkey’s Ammo Belt
imageObserver Cherry (1)
imageObserver Cherry (11)
imageNavigator Oyster (1)
imageNavigator Oyster (11)
imageHelmsman’s Watermelon (1)
imageHelmsman’s Watermelon (11)

Update on 24th May 2012
Craw, Adriano and Bonkey each come with a 90 days expiry duration upon redemption.

-In order to have the ability to summon more than 1 pet, character must learn the “Follow the lead” skill from NPC Trainer Bartos .

• Ares Gateway have resumed all services as of 1807hrs.
• Artemis Gateway have resumed all services as of 1835hrs.

v1.18 Full Client & Manual Patch :

V1.18 Full Client
(Coming Soon)

Manual Patch
Please kindly take note to only start doing the manual patching after 23rd May 2012, 0600hrs (+8 GMT) so as not to interrupt your game play before the Game Client Patch.


1. After downloading the manual patch file, double-click on the patcher -> Select the folder where the game is installed.
2. For most users, the default folder is C:\Program Files\wizet\maplestory.
3. *If you receive an error (canvas.dll is corrupt), please download the new client.
4. *If you receive an error (maplestory.exe not found), please select the correct folder.

Manual Patch

From v1.17 – v1.18
[Starhub] Manual Patch v1.17 ~ v1.18]
[Manual Patch v1.17 ~ v1.18]

From v1.16 – v1.18
[Starhub] Manual Patch v1.16 ~ v1.18]
[Manual Patch v1.16 ~ v1.18]

From v1.15 – v1.18
[Starhub] Manual Patch v1.15 ~ v1.18]
[Manual Patch v1.15 ~ v1.18]

-MapleSEA Administrator