25 Mar 2021

[Completed] Urgent Server Check on 25th March 2021

[Update as of 25th March 2021, 1919hrs (GMT +8)]

The Urgent Server Check has been concluded and all channels are fully accessible as of 1856hrs (GMT+8).

  • An issue with the Fairy Bros Golden Carriage where additional Stamps rewarded as part of our Heartfelt Apology event were reset/reverted was fixed.

  • Please note the following:
    1. We have restored the correct number of attendance stamps accordingly for every individual.
    2. The attendance record for players who have completed or who were in the midst of completing their attendance before today's Urgent Server Check have been reset.
    3. Due to this, all players must re-do today's attendance again after the server check.
    4. Players who have completed and received their daily reward before the server check will be able to re-do today's attendance and be re-rewarded as well.

    Dear Maplers,

    Please be informed that there will be an Urgent Server Check on 25th March 2021 from 1600hrs to 1900hrs (GMT +8).

    This is to address the issue reported for Fairy Bros Golden Carriage.

    Game services for all world will not be available during the above mentioned timing. Players are advised to logout from the game before the stipulated timing to avoid any game disruption.

    Thank you.

    -MapleSEA Administrator