04 May 2018

[Completed] Urgent Channel Check on 4th May 2018

Dear Maplers,

There will be an Urgent Channel Check scheduled for 4th May 2018, between 1430hrs to 1530hrs (GMT +8).

Specific Channels as well as Login Servers for all Worlds will NOT be available during the stipulated timing sequenced as below. Players will not be able to login/relogin during this period of time. However those online in-game may still move to the unaffected channels to avoid any game disruption.

Kindly take note of the different downtime for the respective channels below:

World Channels Downtime (GMT+8)
Aquila 1 to 10 1430hrs to 1500hrs
Bootes, Cassiopeia, D2J 1-5, 11-15 1430hrs to 1500hrs
Aquila 11 to 20 1500hrs to 1530hrs
Bootes, Cassiopeia, D2J 6-10, 16-20 1500hrs to 1530hrs

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

- MapleSEA Administrator