26 Sep 2023

[Completed] Server Check and Cash Shop Update on 27th September 2023

[Update as of 27th September 2023, 1157hrs (GMT +8)]

The Server Check has concluded and all channels are fully accessible as of 1157hrs (GMT+8)
All web services has also resumed since 1100hrs (GMT+8)

Known Issues
  • An issue where Studs of Harmony functionality is not working as intended will be fixed on the 4th October patch update. The item sale for Studs of Harmony on the 27th September Cash Shop Update will be temporary suspended.

    Happy Mapling!

    Dear Maplers,

    Please be informed that there will be a Server Check and Cash Shop Update on 27th September 2023, from 0900hrs to 1300hrs (GMT +8).

    Additionally, several web services services including MSPassport Services, PlayPark Downloader, and parts of the official website at will not be available between 0900hrs to 1100hrs (GMT +8).

    During this period, the following services will not be available:
  • Passport Login
  • Passport Account and Maple ID account creation
  • Purchase, Top-up and conversion of @Cash
  • Password retrieval, reset and updates
  • PlayPark Downloader
  • Limited access to and its related sites

  • Game services for all worlds will not be available during the stipulated timing. Kindly log out before this period of time to avoid disruptions to your gameplay.

    - MapleSEA Administrator