13 Dec 2022

[Completed] Server Check and Cash Shop Update on 14th December 2022

[Update as of 14th December 2022, 1157hrs (GMT +8)]

The Server Check has concluded and all game channels are accessible as of 1157hrs, with the exception of Draco channels 13 to 18, which will be available at a later time.

Happy Mapling!

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be a Server Check and Cash Shop Update on 14th December 2022, from 0900hrs to 1300hrs (GMT +8).

Game services for all worlds will not be available during the stipulated timing. Kindly log out before this period of time to avoid disruptions to your gameplay.

Additionally, several channels will remain unavailable after the stipulated timing above for additional upkeeping maintenance works. This will happen progressively over the next few weeks of regular weekly maintenances across different channels.

For the maintenance scheduled on 14th December 2022, the following Channels will be unavailable until 1500hrs (GMT+8):

World Channels
Aquila 7 to 15
Bootes & Cassiopeia 7 to 12
Draco 13 to 18

Thank you.

- MapleSEA Administrator