30 May 2024

[Completed] Minor Patch on 31st May 2024

[Update as of 31st May 2024, 1200hrs (GMT +8)]

The Minor Patch has been concluded and all channels are fully accessible as of 1200hrs (GMT +8).

A Minor Patch has been included today which will update your game clients to v232.2.
You are recommended to launch your Game Client to run the Auto Patcher.

Alternatively, you may obtain the Minor Patch file here.
Upon downloading the .exe file, paste and overwrite it into your existing MapleStorySEA game client folder.

  • Secret Dream: Arcane Mission and Secret Dream: Authentic Mission additional symbol rewards will only be given to the first character that completed the daily symbol quest.

    Fixed List
  • An error where Inter-Account Core Gemstones could not used the Bulk Opening function has been fixed.
  • An error where DREAMER Showcase Reward Boxes displayed an incorrect item name and description has been fixed.
  • An error where Maple Guide > Boss Content did not display Yellow/Purple Cube rewards has been fixed. The Cube reward will now be displayed on the Boss Guide based on the respective boss tiers.
  • An error where Damage Skin - Star Planet (Unit) display EN Unit instead of KR Unit has been fixed.
  • An error where NPC Lieutenant Mr. Pancho no longer sells the Karma Yellow Cube has been fixed. The item purchase limit and reset period is maintained as per before the v232 DREAMER Update.

    Happy Mapling!

    Dear Maplers,

    Please be informed that there will be a Minor Patch on 31st May 2024 from 0900hrs to 1200hrs (GMT +8).
    Game services for all worlds will not be available during the stipulated timing. Kindly log out before this period of time to avoid disruptions to your gameplay.

    Thank you.

    - MapleSEA Administrator