29 Jun 2021

[Completed] Game Patch and Cash Shop Update on 30th June 2021

[Update as of 30th June 2021, 1545hrs (GMT +8)]

All game services have resumed as of 1545hrs (GMT +8).

- The issue where Kaine was not able to do the Sengoku 2 Questline has been fixed.
- Damage skin critical effects that were previously not present has been fixed.

Known Issue
- Monster Life will be temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Dear Maplers,

Please be informed that there will be a Game Patch and Cash Shop Update on 30th June 2021, from 0500hrs to 1600hrs (GMT +8).

Game services for all worlds will not be available during the stipulated timing.
Kindly log out from the game client before the server patch commences to avoid any disruptions to your gameplay.

Information pertaining to the patch update will be published at a much later time.

- MapleSEA Administrator