14 Nov 2023

[Completed] Game Patch, Cash Shop and MSPassport Website Update on 15 November 2023

[Update as of 16th November 2023, 1637hrs (GMT +8)]

  • You may use the party play function of Identisk Expedition - Iden's Aqua Adventure. The matchmaking system cannot be used for now. (Updated 1853hrs)
  • Please note that Burning World's Auction House and Monster Life services will resume at a later time. We seek your patience and understanding.
  • We are aware that the NEW AGE Effect Coupon cannot be used, and the issue is being investigated.

    [Update as of 15th November 2023, 2317hrs (GMT +8)]

    Game service for Burning World has begin as of 2317hrs.
    (Excluding Auction House and Monster Life within Burning World).

    [Update as of 15th November 2023, 2005hrs (GMT +8)]

    The Game Patch and Cash Shop Update has concluded and Aquila, Bootes, Cassiopeia and Draco Worlds are accessible as of 2005hrs.

    Please note of the following:

  • There will be no Manual Patch for this update. You are advised to use the Auto-Patcher if your game clients are between V224-226. Alternatively, you can download the full client here.
  • Burning World is still under construction. Please stay tuned for further updates.
  • Identisk Expedition - Iden's Aqua Adventure will be temporary unavailable.
  • Please note that various patch notes and contents has been updated. Be sure to check out the changes here.

    Welcome to the NEW AGE!


  • Maplers that completed the NEW AGE Prelude event can receive the final rewards via the Gift Box. You are advised to claim the rewards before 21st November 2023, 2359hrs (GMT +8).
  • Terry has left a Thank You Box for ALL Maplers! You can receive the reward via the Gift Box until 19th November 2023, 2359hrs (GMT +8).

  • To thank ALL our dedicated Maplers love and support for MapleStorySEA, we would like to provide support gifts to aid in your journey to 6th Job. A Maximum Growth Potion as well as a Twinkle's Diamond Box via the Gift Box, where you can claim it until 19th November 2023, 2359hrs (GMT +8).

  • Twinkle's Diamond Box contains the following items.
      ➢ 3x EXP Coupon (30min) x10
      ➢ Special Medal of Honor x10
      ➢ Select Tab 8 Slot Coupon x3
      ➢ Growth Potion Coupon x2
      ➢ Symbol Selector Coupon x1
      ➢ Extreme Growth Potion x10

    Happy Mapling!

    [Update as of 15th November 2023, 1712hrs (GMT +8)]

    Dear Maplers,

    MapleStorySEA Passport services has resumed as of 1712hrs.
    We apologise for the overall delay for the Game Patch and seek your kind patience and understanding.

    MSPassport Updates
  • The overall user interface has been revamped.
  • You can now see your MapleID, @Cash Balances and @Cash conversion within the main dashboard.
  • Optimised for mobile usage
  • You can now convert @Cash below 1,000 to Maple Cash
  • You can access your Personal Profile page by clicking on the Profile button on the top-right corner.

    [Update as of 15th November 2023, 1520hrs (GMT +8)]

    The Game Patch and Cash Shop Update has been extended till further notice. We seek your kind patience and understanding and we would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Dear Maplers,

    Please be informed that there will be a Game Patch and Cash Shop Update on 15th November 2023, from 0300hrs to 1530hrs (GMT +8).

    Game services for all worlds will not be available during the stipulated timing. Kindly log out from the game client before the server patch commences to avoid any disruptions to your gameplay.

    You are reminded to claim all in-game rewards of various events before 14 November 2023, 2359hrs (GMT +8).

      ➢ 6th Star Chapter Rewards (Chapter 1~6)
      ➢ Magic Stone Slab EXP Rewards / Points
      ➢ Help the Rock Spirit Points (Blooming Growth Potion exchange)
      ➢ Fairy Bro Golden Carriage rewards

    Additionally, please note that MSPassport services will not be available during this period of time.

    Thank you.

    - MapleSEA Administrator