20 Jun 2017

[Completed] Game Patch and Cash Shop Update on 21st June 2017

[Update as of 21st June 2017, 1608hrs (GMT +8)]

Dear Maplers,

All game services have resumed as of 1608hrs. Meanwhile please take note of the following:

• More improvements have been tweaked with regards to Damien - your encounter should be smoother than before
• Hayato classes have had some adjustments done to their Beginner skills - the Min & Max Att Range should no longer have a huge gap difference now
• The Midsummer Ribbon Pig monster now spawns in Tangyoon's Cooking Class PQ
• Zero and Pink Bean classes will not be eligible for the Burning Event
• Unfortunately, there will be no further Character Slots expansion at this point in time (max limit remains at 40)

• You can click on the following links below for full details:
   » v168 12th Anni-Mystery Patch Notes
   » Cash Shop Update for 21st June 2017
   » Gachapon Update for 21st June 2017

• Download links for v168 12th Anni-Mystery Patch update can be found here

Dear Maplers,

There will be a Game Patch and Cash Shop Update on 21st June 2017, from 0500hrs to 1500hrs (GMT +8).

Game services for all worlds will not be available during the stipulated timing. Kindly log out before this period of time to avoid any game disruption.

Click to view Patch Notes, Cash Update Notes and Gachapon Update Notes.

Patch Information

Current patch version as of 21st June 2017 : v168.1
Patch Name : 12th Anni-Mystery

Download Link

• Links to the relevant files will be provided after the game server has been completely patched on 21st June 2017.

- MapleSEA Administrator