12 Jan 2024

v228 NEW AGE II Known Issues and Fixed Issues (Updated 17 January 2024, 1158hrs)


Dear Maplers,
Please refer to the update notice here for information regarding each patch's issues and updates.

17 January 2024 (Updated 1158hrs)

Fixed Issues
  • An error where Maximum Growth Potion x1 Coupon had a description error has been fixed
  • An error where the Meeting Empress Cygnus had a quest description error has been fixed
  • An error where NPC Okya was missing in the Identisk Event map has been fixed. You may now proceed with the Someone's Help 2 quest

    12 January 2024 (Updated 1520hrs)

    Known Issues
  • An issue where Sengoku Common 5th Job Skill, Princess Sakuno's Blessing cooldown does not display in skill icon properly.
  • An issue where Paladin's 6th Job Skill, Sacred Bastion ends abruptly when switching maps.

    10 January 2024 (Updated 1204hrs)

    Fixed Issues
  • An error where Eunwol's Spirit Concentration did not work as intended when the HEXA Matrix Spirit Concentration Enhancement is unlocked has been fixed
  • An error where buffs obtained from Conjure Spirit Stone persists even after party member(s) have left the party has been fixed
  • An error where the [Genesis Weapon] Following the Traces of the Black Mage had some quest dialogue text errors has been fixed
  • An error where Tsukuyomi's Chakram - Silver Wolf does not have a special effect when equipped has been fixed

    3 January 2024 (Updated 1106hrs)

    Fixed Issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Sign of Destruction and Helmet of Loyalty item description were incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where Enkiroid item name was missing
  • Fixed an issue where [Tisk's Food Storage] Info had a text error
  • Fixed an issue where NPC Crow cannot be found in Leafre during the progress of Arkarium's quests