23 Dec 2022

v219 IGNITION Known Issues and Fixed Issues (Updated 25 Jan, 1150hrs)

Dear Maplers,
Please refer to the update notice here for information regarding each patch's issues and updates.

25 January 2023
  • An error where the item description for Pure Clean Slate Scroll 5% were incorrect has been fixed.

    18 January 2023
  • An error where the text, "Full Moon Point" gain has been reset on midnights has been fixed.
  • An error where the methods to obtain the Blake's Selection Box listed incorrect information has been fixed.

    11 January 2023
  • An error where an incorrect rewards were stated for Let's Enjoy Hyper Ignition with Blake's has been fixed. Corresponding event notes have also been updated accordingly. (Updated 1241hrs)
  • An error where the event dates were incorrectly stated for Puzzle Master minigame has been fixed. The minigame will be available until 11 January 2023, 2359.

    4 January 2023
  • An error where disconnection occurs when certain movement patterns are triggered with Flame Wizard's Orbital Flame IV casted has been fixed.

    28 December 2022
  • An error where Mrs. Rococo could not be found in Henesys, Leafre and Nameless Village has been fixed.

    23 December 2022
  • We are aware of an error where the Old Wooden Window and Old Wooden Single Bed were not available during the Tutorial quest of My Home. The issue will be fixed in a later patch. In the meantime, Maplers will be able to receive the 2 affected items from the Reward Box on the left side of the screen. Do note that as a Tutorial item, these will not count towards Collection.
     ↪ Maplers who have completed the Tutorial quest prior to this fix will be able to receive these items after logging into the game again.
  • A generic error message when the USE inventory is full sometimes appears when utilizing My Home items that distributes furniture items. If you are unable to use any My Home designs or rewards, please check that you have at least 3 slots in your USE inventory and attempt to use the item again.

    Once again, we would like to sincerely thank all Maplers for providing the team with relevant and timely information on any issues within the game.

    - MapleSEA Administrator