28 Jul 2022

Play MapleSEA (PC) for MapleStoryM Rewards!

2 birds 1 stone, how bout dat?


Playing both MapleStoryM and MapleSEA and receiving bonus Mileage for MapleSEA daily? Now you can get small boosts for your mobile counterpart while exploring and progressing in MapleSEA!

Maple Administrator NPC and obtain your personal MapleStoryM Cross Event Key String which is used to link your MapleStoryM account to your MapleSEA account.
Accept [MapleStoryM] Play MapleStorySEA and get rewards for MapleStoryM! quest via NPC Maple Administrator and simply complete daily quests in MapleSEA and be rewarded in MapleM!

Daily Quests
  • Hunt 500 Level Range Monsters
  • Achieve 300 Combo Kills
  • Defeat 2 Elite Monsters/Champions
  • Activate Rune x2
  • Clear Monster Park once

    Additionally, you can place a Legion Block in MapleStoryM based on the level of your MapleSEA characters!
  • Grade SS : Level 200
  • Grade S : Level 150
  • Grade A : Level 100
  • Grade B : Level 60

    P.S. No birds were harmed in the making of this advertisement.