04 Dec 2018

v181 Game Client Update Information

Dear Maplers,

Lucid, Magnus, Lotus, Hilla, Black Mage; what do they have in common?

They’re to be defeated! Admittedly, while we can’t help you beat the bosses, with Nexon’s help, we can do something about the other issues plaguing our game.

Along with our Dec 5th update, you’ll not only get access to your new 5th job skills and face Heretic Hilla upon progressing through the Labyrinth contents, but a new game client will be deployed with the aim of addressing the troublesome memory leak that has plagued our game.

It is only with your support and patience that we are able to work towards identifying the cause. As we prepare to deploy the client, we seek your patience and understanding while we continue working towards a fix.

In order for the changes to take effect, simply run the auto-patch or do a manual patch once the update is live on the 5th of Dec.

Should you encounter bugs and other game glitches after updating your game client to v181, do email us immediately with the following details via iBox :

1. IGN
2. DXDiag of your computer
3. Detailed step-by-step actions leading to the error
4. Any generated crash logs or dump files at the time of crash

– MapleSEA Administrator