04 Aug 2016

Post-Recovery Server Wide Reimbursements

Dear Maplers,


In addition to the Post-Recovery events that was recently held, there are also some tokens of apology available as reimbursement due to the downtime.

Reimbursement Includes:
• Giant Potion x1
• 1-Day Twin Coupon (2x Drop) x1
• 1-Day Special Coupon (2x EXP) x1
• 1-Day Jeweler Abdullah (Store Assistant) x1

How to Redeem:
• Click on the Reward Box icon found on the left side of the screen to claim the items
• Only players who have logged in at least once between 16th July 2016 and 22nd July 2016 will be eligible for the reimbursement
• To be eligible, the Maple ID must contain a character with a minimum level of 100 (Zero characters must have completed Chapter 2)
• Items not claimed before 10th August 2016 will be forfeited
If you wish to claim some items at a later, please click on the “X” button at the top right corner of the Reward UI
• There will be no replacement of items in the instance that the “Decline” button was used on an item

Once again, we’d like to apologize to everyone for the inconvenience and disruptions faced during gameplay during the incident.