23 Nov 2018

Offset The Balance with Offgamers

Dear Maplers,

Have you ever wanted a mix of colors for your character’s hair? Have you ever wanted a cape that could eclipse other maplers? Now you can! We’re teaming up with Offgamers again for extra rewards when you top-up.

Get your very own Mix Dye Coupon & Demon’s Shadow Cash Item when you purchase and convert @cash to Maple Cash via Offgamers!

Offgamers 30k @Cash Promotion

Purchase and convert 30k @cash to 30k Maple Cash to get a free Mix Dye Coupon!

Offgamers 50k @Cash Promotion

Purchase and convert 50k @cash to 50k Maple Cash to get a free Demon’s Shadow Cape Cash Item!

This is a Black Friday Special deal. Get yours today!

Click here to visit Offgamers!

Promotion Period: 23rd November 2018 - 6th December 2018
Please note that the items will be credited to eligible players' accounts registered e-mail on a weekly basis.

Happy Mapling!

- MapleSEA Administrator