04 Aug 2016

[Update] NPC Fredrick & Scrooge Are ILL

Update as of 1200hrs (GMT+8)

Both NPCs and other lag related issues since yesterday afternoon have been resolved as of 1130hrs (GMT +8).

Dear Maplers,

Please avoid interacting with NPC Fredrick and Scrooge.

Due to the Hungry Ghost Month, Fredrick and Scrooge is cursed by Dreamy Ghost and are struck mute. They are now unable to respond to you. Kindly refrain from clicking on either NPCs to allow them to rest.

If you have interacted with the NPCs and face abnormal gameplay conditions, please relog to resume normal gameplay.

This is a temporary workaround as we work to address this known issue.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

- MapleSEA Administrator