24 Apr 2024

The Sweet Revival from the Heroes and Sugar!


Once upon a time enchanted realm of Maple World, where dreams take flight and adventures await, there existed a powerful goddess known as Sugar, the keeper of dreams. Long ago, she bestowed upon the land a magical system that brought joy and wonder to all who dwelled there. This system was powered by M-Coins, shimmering tokens that granted access to countless adventures.

But as time passed, the magic began to fade, and the land fell into darkness. The people yearned for the return of Sugar's benevolent touch, longing for the days of endless possibilities. In their darkest hour, a beacon of hope emerged. Sugar, with her unwavering determination and boundless creativity, breathed new life into the system. With a wave of her hand, she transformed the old M-Coins into radiant Diamonds, sparkling with the promise of untold treasures.

As the land rejoiced in the revival of their beloved system, Sugar smiled, knowing that once again, dreams would flourish and adventures would abound. And so, with the launch of the new iGacha, a new chapter in the the realm of Maple World begins, guided by the benevolent hand of the goddess Sugar.

Key Updates

Revamped System and UI: The entire iGacha system and user interface have been redesigned for a better experience.
Unified Login with MapleStorySEA Passport: iGacha will now use the MapleStorySEA Passport system for login, eliminating the need for a separate login.
Multi-Pull Options: You can now choose to iGacha 1, 5, or 10 times in a single action, making it quicker and more convenient.
Improved Item Code Management: A filter system has been added to your item code storage, allowing for easier organization and sorting.
Export Item Codes Easily: Exporting your item codes is now effortless with the ability to generate spreadsheets, both with and without filters applied.
Continuous Updates and New Features: Stay tuned for regular updates and the addition of new features to enhance your iGacha experience further.

Regarding Existing M-Coin Balances

  • Your previous M-Coins have been transformed into Diamonds!
  • Diamonds are now the currency for the revamped iGacha, bringing an extra sparkle of excitement to the experience.
  • You can purchase Diamonds using Maple Cash through your MapleStorySEA Passport dashboard conversion UI, as shown below.


    More details will be revealed soon, so stay glued to our official website!

    -MapleStorySEA Administrator