14 Sep 2016

Celebrate Mapler's National Day in August! (Updated)

Hey Maplers!

It’s the month of August and that means National Day Celebration for both Singapore and Malaysia is coming soon!

Maplers who wish to show their love and support for their country can now do so by participating in our Mapler’s National Day event happening in the month of August!

And if you are wondering how to participate in the above mentioned event, no worries! Just click on the following 2 links and it will bring you to the respective event page!

1. [Facebook] Mapler’s National Day Celebration 2016 – Singapore
2. [Facebook] Mapler’s National Day Celebration 2016 – Malaysia

Please click on the following link to see the winners for each country contest.
1. Singapore
2. Malaysia

These are just some of the interesting MapleSEA National Day Celebrations activities leading up to our nation’s birthday this month. Please visit the event page to find out more details on how you can participate in the celebration.

It’s time to celebrate and Happy Mapling!

-MapleSEA Administrator.