29 Dec 2023

Introducing The Uni Cube!

Dear Maplers,

Let's give a warm welcome to Uni Cube! A brand new cube added to MapleStorySEA in 2024 with very unique function that resets one out of three potential lines in an equipment. Scroll down for more details on how to use Uni Cube!


The Uni Cube will be occasionally available for purchase from the Cash Shop, only for a limited period of time, so make sure to keep your eyes out for them!

• Using the Uni Cube

Once you've purchased and moved it to your main inventory you are now all set to refine your equipment potentials with the Uni Cube in the following steps:


1. Double click on an Uni Cube and select an equipment. ONE out of three potential line will be randomly selected


2. Click on "Proceed" to refine the potential options


3. Click on "Try Again" and ONE out of three potential line will be randomly selected


4. Click on "Reselect" to randomly select ONE out of three potential line


5. Click on "Cancel" will exit Uni Cube UI and potential will not be refined

  • ONE Uni Cube is consumed immediately upon using it on an equipment or selecting the "Try Again" function or selecting the "Reselect" function
  • Uni Cube will NOT increase the potential tier of an equipment
  • Potential options that appear are determined based on the current potential rank of the equipment
  • It is possible to select the SAME potential line again upon using the "Try Again" function or the "Reselect" function
  • ONE Uni Cube remain consumed upon selecting the "Cancel" function without refining the potential

  • • Maple Leaf of Cube


    With every use of the Uni Cube, you will obtain 4x imageMaple Leaf of Cube, which can be collected and exchanged for other equipment upgrade related consumables

    Maple Leaf of Cube can be exchanged for the following items:
  • 5x Maple Leaf of Cubes: Advanced Potential Scroll
  • 7x Maple Leaf of Cubes: Perfect Carving Stamp
  • 10x Maple Leaf of Cubes: Spell Trace x3000
  • 20x Maple Leaf of Cubes: Perfect Additional Carving Stamp
  • 30x Maple Leaf of Cubes: Additional Potential Scroll 70%
  • 40x Maple Leaf of Cubes: Special Additional Potential Scroll
  • 45x Maple Leaf of Cubes: Epic Potential Scroll 80%

  • All items exchanged from Maple Leaf of Cube are tradeable

    - MapleSEA Administrator