21 Jul 2021

Victorious Winners of MapleStorySEA's Sweet Sixteen

Hey Maplers!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed the series of activities from our anniversary week! We are here to announce all our lucky winners for our Anniversary events!

Starting off with our Celebrity Cuts! These featured celebrities have walked away with our special 16th Anniversary Goodie Bags!


2BORING2 3rdLif3 AdeleHean Alth3a AlwaysAGnSTU
Andylxmje Annyx Apodosis AppleFlash aqea
AsanoHaruka Ayressa boxnwhisker CallMeAkara Charyis
Chateau Chi0ngThief ChibaIkuno CocoAdele CokeDual
ColourPoppin CrystalMaid9 daeronhing DALsooobin danchim
digbyxpillow eAdele Evemir FoodGod GaanxD
Gennaios GodlikeAren GucciEyeBags * GunnerRikku7 HeartsHerx96
Heroraizel Hoodyx Hy3rL0RdTPr0 hYmercedes illuminiatio
Illumiverse iScreamSooda iStress JamieLeong jaylim9 *
JCcSword JellySparda jieunieight Jimzen JoanyxD
Jontaro JunOrJune Jyuriko kainece Kimchyyy
Kyiee KyrieHart LeEggie limjiayee LittDragonK
lqsKniGhT LukeCaAwesum Lynessan MamaBear marrshmellow
Mawerick Merody Merrychef Mesobeggar MochaLatte05
moooni Mu7E MythicalVoid Nendoroid nephophobia
Obamasnow OnyxBasilisk PathWhaler Pevarni PinkyGreen
PureDexBMz Realistella RhapSoL rockspirits Sally
ScarlettFall ShadeSam shadoru SharkUiii ShioNkUn
ShotaYearOld si9ina SirAd3le SnoopyM SojuHero
SuBtleBlue ThievPhantom Thyedw Tommy999 Trifling
TukizCard unwin ViousYii VortexBoss WalrusSteak
WasabiTaiga whitebeak00 WiidChick wrider00 Xevos4FunX
xMichSekai xNUSMedicine xpheebster xSpringdayx yHaNw
YunoWaiiifu Zacc ZaHeroch zBoki Zelibean
ZeroingZero Zookah

Note: Users marked with * were found to have submitted entries using different/multiple IGNs, or have posted multiple entries. Only one entry will be accepted while the rest are voided.

Next, we have our Trivia Quiz winners! These people had the fastest and luckiest fingers that day in guessing our missing numbers!


VodKAINEagle Lrixar digbyxpillow Fremulon
KimJungUnIV Satan iShootW0rldz Chibread
Kesshiki 22kueh Samm KyleStrife
eAdele sashiroe gabsiiew Legend7064


Last but not least, we have our Lucky Draw winners! Having completed the respective days’ tasks, these players kept their fingers crossed and have won themselves 16th Anniversary lucky draw prizes!


Day 1
KfcIsLife Kanker Mokke Lollipopin AdeleandEthe
kainekax BandungO LunasteIIa KaineBreathe yew0306
Interester Kyubility Buuuwu Zeketon IEatBingsu
kuuuuuchan Febkiakill PipPerSim F1re2theRain StudyLater
KeakerQ AYMONELLE ILov3Zer0 SeaweedCrisp TsuKlIX3

Day 2
XTripleLogan Chooseursoup THoYoung PandaMarksM Quanerd
ScarletBore SolarisLux EtherAsp spawn1 Acera7
BijouHam Dr3G0NB1aD3 Velyn Caldence Melinn
WBJo93 AlenForYou INTERNBORED Ghastiyx Distortion
MerdesMirror Jeonly Kaawgi XlNxXlN BabyAnzu

Day 3
WheresMyGuns D4rkoDitz CoolslayerXD Fr3nzyPath OverhauI
xFroyoo VividDusk Apples200 Kronia amuuto

Day 4
iCyraRis iixYeeunnie

Day 5


Congratulations once again if you see your IGN in this list! Please look out for an email from us within the next couple of weeks as we will contact you on the delivery method of your rewards!