07 Dec 2016

Wednesday One Day Special!

For ONE DAY ONLY on Wednesday, 7th December 2016, this NEW PACKAGE will be purchasable from the Cash Shop!

Shadow of Chaos Package

This is a package that respectively gives you a set of Super Miracle Cubes, bundled with a Fortune Orb!

image    What is a Fortune Orb?
image    It is an item that works like a Ga-Cha-Pon Ticket.

image    What can I get from the Fortune Orb?
image    There is a chance to get one of the following items :
• 1x Resurrection Flame Level 150
• 1x Rainbow Resurrection Flame
• 1x Crimson Resurrrection Flame
• 1x Clean Slate Scroll 5%
• 1x 300 Spell Traces Exchange Coupon


- MapleSEA Administrator